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From traceability, to process management and inventory, our cannabis cultivation software will provide you with the tech suite you need to manage your cannabis operation efficiently.

Task Oriented

So everyone knows what to do.

Operation friendly

Ready to be used with dirty hands.


Less information for operational processes.


The digital version of your facility, simplified, connected.

What made our current clients switch?


Everyone who has seen our system and the alternatives recognizes the winner in terms of user experience and usability. A system so easy you've feel it's been around for years.

Speed & Adaptability

Our customers have been surprised by the speed at which we develop new features and adapt to integrations with existing equipments and softwares.

Process Planning

There is no match to our built-in process planner. Create processes, add tasks and dependencies and see your plans unfolding in the operation.

Human interactions

We are a technology solution but our approach is human. We stay in touch closely with you while you implement and use your software to help you with anything you need.

Task / project management

Optimize your work

Everything in your daily operations are tasks.

  • Procedures & quality control;
  • Sales and planning;
  • Maintenance & cleaning;

And must be conducted:

  • By specific individuals;
  • At specific times;
  • In a specific way.

Everything must also be recorded to ensure regulatory compliance and product consistency.

That’s why we came up with our task management module for cannabis. You can plan your processes in the form of templates and then use them in the operation and track their progress.

This way you can seamlessly integrate your processes & protocol with operationalization.


Track with precision

To guarantee full traceability, you need to have a proper inventory system in place. Otherwise, it will be hard to track what materials and equipment you’ve used and what items you sold.

This is what led us to create our comprehensive inventory module that allows you to track everything. Know exactly where your items are, interact with them and guarantee full traceability down to the screw (if that’s your thing).


Grow with confidence

If you are serious about digitalization, when it comes to Cannabis Cultivation, you need to have software that is adapted to the reality on the ground.

We’ve made our software to be a point of connection between the operational reality on the production floor and the management and quality reality in the office.

We’ve also put together all the useful features you need for truly tech-empowered cultivation.


Process with consistency

It’s known that processing cannabis is not a simple process. It is often associated with tighter regulations, pharma-grade facilities, and very high precision.

With our solution, you can manage all the processes that happen in the post-harvest, track humidity decay, and have everything integrated with your equipment to make documentation easier.

Compliance & reports

Compliant by nature

Our team has developed a state-of-the-art event tracker that guarantees the system has a built-in audit trail.

Every action registers a specific event that is logged with the user and timestamp.

In the admin area, you may choose what events you want to see and download reports that link back to the system.

We also made sure our user system allows you to customize permissions to grant and block access to certain pages, features or actions.


Less human work

We believe the more integrated we are with the existing equipment and software, the more value our software can add to cannabis operations. 

By integrating with scales, printers, and HVAC systems, we are reducing the chance of human error and making life more pleasing for both the operational lines and the quality teams.

We also stacked our team with a very skilled team of electrotechnical engineers capable of integrating with any system or equipment (please test us).

Our interfaces

What makes
our software

Cannabud backoffice

In Production

The heart of the system. It allows for a more detailed and high level management of the facility. operational app homepage, providing operators at the facility with quick and efficient access to critical cultivation and operational features.

Operational App


Made specifically to make the life easier for the operation and to register events while being used in a tablet.

Home page of's mobile app, an extension of our Cannabis Software for remote cannabis operation management.

Our App

V0 launched

Perfect companion to scan QR and Barcodes and to notify users based on triggers from tasks, variables or time,

Made for

We want you to have cannabis software that isn’t just your compliance companion, but also your optimizing friend.

From our features to our integrations, the core of this product is you, the user and we make an extra effort to hear and integrate your feedback in the development process to make this the best cannabis software in the world.

If you want to take a closer look, schedule a demo with our team!

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