Cannabis Software is a cannabis cultivation management software that will help you save dozens of hours in processes and manual inputs in your Cannabis Operation.

Streamlined processes with integrated technology.

Cannabis Software
Easy to use

So intuitive that it feels familiar.

All-in-one Software

Everything you need in one place.


Fits like a glove in your facility.

hard Cannabis Software

We integrate process and project management with our traceability solution to optimize your data input time and streamline your operations.

Technology on your side

Fast Integrations

We deploy an ultra-fast team to integrate with your printers, scales and sensors to reduce human input and errors.

Process Planning

Upgrade your operationalization and consistency by planning and executing processes.

360º Traceability

We developed a state of the art tool to guarantee 360º system traceability and visualization.

New Features

We are moving very fast to integrate new features that will further streamline your operations.


Register your inventory and plants

Create the digital version of your facility. Create rooms, inventory, equipment and of course, plants!


Track events and Plan tasks

Navigate smoothly to track the events and processses that happen and create task templates to manage workflows.

How does it work?

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Manage your daily operation easily

See the progresses of your batches and products with real time data to make better decisions.


Easy reporting, dashboarding and compliance

When it's time to take a look and export information, use your personalized dashboards and reports.

Our Feature Map

Task Templates

With our Project and task templates you can prepare processes in the form of templates to use later.

Perfect to digitalize SOP's this feature allows you to set dependencies and create complex processes.


Our task module allows you to prioritize, assign and manage tasks easily.

Create tasks from task templates or Ad-hoc and see how they become reality through a Gantt and a Kanban view.

Time tracking

Log time into any task to track where you need more manual inputs.

Inventory Management

Our three-layer inventory system allows you to track your items to the units.
Add Documents, register movements and actions and keep your inventory sharp.

Our backoffice's intuitive and user-friendly back office homepage, serving as a central hub for easy navigation to various pages and featuresThe place you come to access your information and manage everything. Here you can make registrations, create processes and export your reports.

Our App

Home page of's mobile app, an extension of our Cannabis Software for remote cannabis operation management.

Your companion on the go, allows you to scan QR codes, make actions and register plant observations.

Cannabis Inventory

 Move purchased clones or seeds to cultivation and manage your product stock and orders.

Cannabis Cultivation

Detailed view of an individual mother plant on, a pivotal tool of our Cannabis Software for comprehensive plant tracking and management. Grow with confidence with our Growing Hub.
Track batches and plants for different purposes and register everything you do.

Waste Management

Track the origin of all the waste in the facility, its weight and manage its disposal with full traceability.


Create Recipes of Mixes with their composition, density and instructions.

Mix your additives and consume them from inventory to apply them to your plants.


Compliance is all about transparency of processes for  the authorities .

Our System makes it easier to prepare compliance reports as everything is logged in as an event.

Quality Control

Keep your consistence with our task suits by tracking Quality Control activities and documentation.

Product Management

Manage different lines of products, package your product and label them for outbound orders.

Post - Harvest

Register everything in your post-harvest processes.

Track weight decay, waste registration and guarantee uniform processes across crops.

Scales & Printers

We will integrate with your existent hardware to integrate our system with your printers and scales to reduce human labour and error.

Sensors & Monitorization

We will integrate with your HVAC system and sensors to automate measurements and allow for rea-time monotorization.


Manage your samples, track their origin, location and associate their tests & results with their batches.

Research & Development

Make experiments and collect their results to understand correlations and optimize your processes.

Users & Permissions

Invite and manage users, assign them to roles and manage their permissions with precision.



Cannabis seed-to-sale software done right

We encapsulated everything you need in our platform so you don’t waste resources on multiple platforms and systems.


Our Cannabis Software module allows for easy inventory tracking. Manage orders, clients and suppliers and perform inventory actions.


Everything in your operation comes down to tasks. With this module, you can plan and optimize your facility by creating tasks and associating them with users, documents and objects like plants and items. We merged your cannabis seed-to-sale software with an easy interface for task management.


With our growing hub you have everything to manage your cannabis crop. You can perform all types of actions and interactions with additives, waste, rooms and tasks.


When it's ready to harvest, your processing module will help you track the changes in weight, the waste production and processing conditions and guide you through the processing steps until you package your products.

Our Early Adopters

There is a special place on our website and in our hearts for those who’ve believed in us and supported us, meet our vanguardists!

our purpose in the cannabis industry

We are making it easier was made with one vision: To make Cannabis Software simple and intuitive to use without losing traceability or information.

Our mission is to prove to you that there is a lot to win if you ditch the pen and paper and use modern technology.

We truly believe we are on our journey to become the best cannabis cultivation software in the world.

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Well that’s the whole point of this website but the fast answer would be: is an innovative canabis software solution designed specifically for the cannabis industry. It enables streamlined management of cannabis cultivation, product tracking, and provides valuable insights using AI and machine learning.

The free trial allows you to use for a certain period without any commitment. To start your trial, simply schedule a demo with us and we’ll guide you through the process can be integrated with any ERP and with your existing hardware. Our team works closely with you to ensure a smooth integration process.

We offer comprehensive support to all our clients, ensuring you have help when you need it. This includes technical support, user training, and ongoing customer service.

You can schedule a demo right from our website. During the demo, we’ll show you all the key features of our software and discuss how it can be customized to your needs.

Well, its the right time to schedule a call with us.

About Us

We come from a background of participating in and winning hackathons and contests from all over Europe where we’ve developed solutions to solve specific problems using User Experience and Artificial intelligence. In the last 3 years, we’ve stacked over 6 victories as a team.

Two years ago, we saw that cannabis cultivators were still finding the existent offering of software short of their needs and chose to make this industry the target of our innovation.

This is only possible because of our amazing team of tech-savvy and hungry young adults who chase excellence and learning opportunities with a to-do attitude.

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